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Special Offer - oral cancer screening for 5 francs from Monday, March 28 to Thursday, April 14, 2016.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. Oral cancer gets little publicity as the number of cases, compared to other cancers, is significantly smaller. This lack of publicity and the resulting awareness has likely played a role in that the number of oral cancer cases has grown 40% from a decade ago, while other cancers have declined. In an effort to help promote awareness, we are offering oral cancer screening for 5 francs from Monday, March 28 to Thursday, April 14, 2016.

Oral cancer screening is a visual exam utilizing blue fluorescence light technology. During the exam the dentist will look for cancerous, pre-cancer or other abnormal lesions; the fluorescence technology helps identify dysplastic, microinvasive lesions that can be undetectable with just visible light. This screening is included in the dental exam we provide to our patients; in April we will provide it separately in an effort to reach out to people that may not be interested in a full dental exam. The small cost of 5 francs is to cover the incidental supplies and equipment sterilization – we are donating our time and the cost of our dental assistants as part of our commitment to raise oral cancer awareness.

You can sign up for oral cancer screening by phone or by email; if you reach out by email, please indicate that you are signing up for oral cancer screening, your desired time and leave a contact number so we can reach you if your desired time is already taken.

More information on oral cancer can be found on our Cancer Screening page under Dental Services and at http://www.ada.org/…/member-…/oral-health-topics/cancer-oral or at http://www.mouthcancer.org/what-is-mouth-cancer/ or by searching in google.

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